We are thinkers, doers and assistants.

"We perform our services with dedication. Therefore, we will always be there when you need us."

Planung im Team

Planning and assistance

After joint planning and realisation, let us push the button together. Let us go the course together, from inception to the operation of the completed system. This is our ambition. This includes permanent contact with the customer. Confidence is the result of constant communication.

WPE offers various services for this purpose:

  • Preliminary planning - up to the complete invitation to tender
  • Cost monitoring and optimisation
  • Project assistance and acceptance from the client's point of view
  • Definition of standards for your system which consider and ensure your required details and specifications.
  • Support and monitoring for commissioning

We also provide these services for smaller projects and machines.
Documentation is vital for the scope of E/MSR and its key role is often underestimated.

We offer:

  • Preparation of preliminary documentation in the scope of preliminary planning
  • Revision of existing paper documents and markings
  • Implementation of existing documentation in CAE or CAD
  • Migration of existing data sets to new databases, e.g. Genisys data in EPlan-PPE
  • Project documentation in CAD/CAE
  • Network topographies
  • RESOPAL marking and flow diagrammes, also with graphic elements

WPE has several workstations at its command in this sector and is working with the systems AutoCAD, EPlan, PPE and WSCAD.