Transformation is necessary just like the renewal of the leaves in spring.

Vincent van Gogh

wpe bei Stauder

Energieerfassung Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder GmbH & Co. KG

Clever messen

Wollen Unternehmen nachhaltig Energie und Kosten sparen, dann ist ein Energie-Monitoring (EnMS gemäß ISO 50001) der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Denn die Strompreise sind in den letzten Jahren laut VIK (Verband der Industriellen Energie- und Kraftwirtschaft) fast exponentiell angestiegen – ein Ende ist nicht in Sicht.

Die Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder wurde mit 18 Energieerfassungsgeräten der Firma Schneider Electric ausgerüstet. Sie kann mit ihrem Energie-Monitoring System nun Messungen und Aufzeichnungen ihres Lastganges durchführen.

Die Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder erhält dadurch eine Überwachungsmöglichkeit ihres Energieverbrauches und kann Schritt für Schritt eine Optimierung ihres Energiebedarfes bis hin zu einen Energiemanagement System durchführen.

Entrance Flic Flac

Christmas Party 2015

Once again this year we were able to celebrate Christmas with our families.

We visited the Circus Flic Flac in Dortmund and spent a pleasant evening together.

At this point we wish all employees, business partners and their families happy holidays and a happy new year.



Frank Braeuer

Frank Braeuer

Fit for the green future

In October 2015, our operations Manager Mr. Frank Braeuer has successfully completed his Training as energy Efficiency appointee (TÜV) in a 5-day Seminar in cooperation with the Sonepar Germany GmbH.

In the Focus of the continuing education stands the optimal proceeding for reducing of the energy consumption. With assistance from energy Management can be successfully weak spot are uncovered, then in subsequent reduce the costs of energy supply.

Did we spark your interest? We would be happy to advise you in this field.

Summerfest 2015

summerparty 2015

In the wonderful summerweather, we have invited last August 14, 2015 our clients, colleagues and friends in our yearly summerparty celebration at the company's compound in Lünen.

 We would like to thank all the participants for the cozy get-together at the Grillparty.

Our team in Hannover

Move to new business premises

We celebrated the move to our new business premises with a lot of guests on 24 October 2014. We would like to thank all customers and staff members for their pleasant company. We like to further extend the close relationship and cooperation with the companies in the Hannover area and gain new customers at the new location. The team around Messrs. Hilgraf and Schmidt will actively assist you. We looking forward to your call.